Custom Fur Pillows Made From Your Fur Coat

If you need your project finished for Christmas 2024, we'll need to receive your coat no later than August 14th. Thank you!
what should I do with inherited fur coat?

In the photo above, you can see pillows and a throw made from four different vintage fur coats belonging to our clients. 

What should I do with my inherited fur coat?

If you have a fur coat you'd like us to transform, please contact us. Each coat is unique, and we'll work with you to get the sizes, shapes and numbers of pillows that work for your home / number of family members. The goal is to make useful mementos you can enjoy and finally get that coat out of the closet!

We're located in Perth, Ontario, Canada and have a great system in place for working with you through mail if you're not local. US clients are most welcome!


Below are some examples of custom upcycling work we've done with our clients' old fur coats.

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fur coat recycling ideas

Here's the finished collection from one gray mink 3/4 length coat. We were able to make seven pillows from this coat. 

What should I do with my old fur coat?

This is the pre-transformation picture. The coat belonged to our client's grandmother and had been sitting in a closet for years.
It was too sentimental an item to give away, but wasn't being worn because it's gone out of style and society has deemed wearing fur as faux-pas - and for good reason. With advancements in technical fabrics, as well as the push for animal rights, we don't need to wear fur coats anymore to stay warm. However, what's done is done, so let's make use of what's there and let nothing go to waste. 


What should I do with my fur coat?


Here's a detailed picture of the two largest pillows we were able to make from the coat. They measure 20"x 26".

On the backing of one of the pillows, we embroidered the monogram from the lining of the coat. This honours the memory of the original wearer and adds a personal touch to the project. The fabric we use for the backings is a beautiful and soft wool blend or wool melton that matches or compliments the tone of the fur. 


fur coat upcycling idea

On the other pillows, we attached our own Muffle-Up! label to the backing to update the story of the coat.


what should I do with my fur coat Canada

And again, the finished result of the project.

We view our work with you as a collaboration. Muffle-Up! can transform your old fur coat into a personalized, useful memento to enjoy in your home and pass on to the next generation. 

 Below are more examples of custom work we've done for our clients. 

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