About Muffle-Up!

Muffle-Up! is a proudly Canadian brand based in Grafton, Ontario.  We produce quality handmade slippers and many other one of a kind products. 

At Muffle-Up!, we mix the new with the used to create the best slippers ever.  With quality and conscience in mind, all slippers are made by hand with recycled leather soles, repurposed sheep's fur lining, and the softest Peruvian wool yarn.  The leather makes them sturdy, the sheep's fur keeps toes toasty and the wool takes care of the rest. Because of the all-natural materials, these slippers breathe well, keeping feet comfy without overheating. 

We also make pillows, one-of-a-kind poufs, and wearable accessories. All made by hand with the finest materials, these products combine funk and function to put some wow into your life.

The final word...on philosophy and studio practice

At Muffle-Up!, its all about the heart. We feel good about the eco-friendly materials we use to make our products. On the one hand, by buying our leather from thrift stores in the form of jackets and garments, we get to support our community. On the other hand, by reusing fur and leather, we give new purpose to something out of date and remain conscious and respectful of our use of animal products.

At Muffle-Up! Headquarters aka MUHQ! we have a zero-waste policy: all scraps of wool, leather and fur are used in our one of a kind furniture line or donated to community art projects. It’s a never-ending cycle of re-use!