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Women's Medium Eco-Friendly Real Fur Mittens - Coyote Fur

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Our eco-friendly real fur mittens are crafted from vintage fur coats and are lined with reclaimed fur. We've designed them to withstand extreme cold arctic weather conditions and tested them for warmth to 40 degrees below zero while active. Our warm fur mitts are windproof.


Fur Type: 
Long Hair Coyote Fur

 Women's Medium. The average North American woman fits this size. See our SIZE CHART if you're unsure.
The circumference of your hand at the knuckles is 7.5-7.75"
The length of your hand from base of palm to longest finger is 7-7.5"

The Fit: our real fur mittens are designed to fit snugly on your hand. Expect them to be stiff and a little tight around your knuckles for about a month or two of steady use. They will soften and conform to your hands as you wear them and become more flexible over time. You want them to fit snugly over your knuckles so that the mitten won't fall off when you're walking with your hands at your sides.  

The Outer Mitten: made from reclaimed fur, leather and wool melton. Wool melton is similar to felt - it's thick boiled and compressed wool.

The Removable Inner Mitten / Lining: made entirely of reclaimed fur (mostly muskrat, sometimes rabbit, beaver or possum fur) and sourced from vintage fur coats. The lining is super soft, warm and protective of your hands in extreme cold subzero temperatures.

The inner fur lining is what sets our mittens apart from traditional fur / sheepskin mittens that have only one layer of hide/fur or hide/wool. Our warm winter mittens have double the hide layering of a traditional fur mitten. There's a fur mitten within a fur mitten! This makes them the best winter mittens for extreme cold.

Custom Sizing: not every person fits into a standard glove size. We offer custom sizing alterations to make sure your mittens fit like a glove! If you have any doubt whatsoever about your glove size, please get in touch with us before you make your purchase and we'll guide you to make the correct choice.

Possible Allergies: If you're allergic to certain animals, these mittens might not work for you. Get in touch with us if you have any doubts and we'll guide you.

If you want a long read... 

Our idea with our warmest real fur mittens was to create a high end, sustainable and versatile fur mitten useful for spending long periods outdoors in sub-zero cold climates while still looking stylish enough to wear in an urban / casual setting. 

At Muffle-Up, we play hard in winter, spending hours outdoors snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and ice-fishing. Our real fur mittens are great for shoveling snow, winter hunting and long dog walks in the city. If you suffer from Raynaud's, our warm high end mittens are great choice to help protect your fingers from the cold.

No synthetic material can replace the warmth of natural fur. Whether you're braving the frigid Winnipeg winter, or hiking in the snow anywhere else, these warm real fur winter mittens have got you covered.

Fur coats have became faux-pas (a good thing), and there are thousands of fur coats sitting in closets around the world, not being used. We've taken vintage furs no one's wearing anymore and transformed them into something useful. We believe we honor the life of the animals used in the fur trade by making these sustainable fur products. 

Each pair of our reclaimed real fur mittens is made in Perth, Ontario, Canada.