Shipping - Canada: $10 | USA: $18 - On any amount of product | shipped in 1-3 business days

Shipping - Canada: $10 | USA: $18 - On any amount of product | shipped in 1-3 business days

SALE! Women's 10-10.5 Muffle-Boot: Blues, Funky Merino Wool Slipper Boot

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Slipper-Boots by Muffle-Up!

At Muffle-Up!, we mix the new with the reclaimed to create the best slippers ever. With quality and conscience in mind, all slippers are made by hand with upcycled leather soles, repurposed sheep's fur lining, and the softest Merino wool yarn.  The leather makes them sturdy, the sheep's fur keeps toes toasty and the wool keeps you warm but breathes really well so you won't overheat.  

These awesome slipper-boots keep your feet warm and your legs looking great. They cover your leg to mid-calf.

Here's some more detail about Blues

-If your favorite colour is blue, then this is the slipper for you: there are 5 shades of it in this stand-out palette.

-Soft high quality non-itch Merino wool (it's the softest sheep fibre out there)

-Non-slip up-cycled leather sole grips floor surfaces (safe on tile, hardwood and carpet)

-The softest lining made from reclaimed sheep's fur keeps toes extra warm and toasty

Sizes: For simple ordering, all adult slippers are designed to match your actual USA shoe size. Expect your slippers to fit tight for the first week of wear, then relax and stretch to your feet with perfect snugness

Care: Machine or hand wash cold, gentle cycle and hang dry

As Muffle-Up! products are made-to-order, allow 1-3 days for item to be shipped.

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